Some sample projects I've been experimenting with. Focus has been to try out new stuff, not to create production ready code.

Tower Defense 2D platformer game

Using my game engine from the previous game (Modernistopia) I created a Tower Defense platformer game prototype as well. It's a fully playable game and it contains 3 stages right now. I've made all music myself, all programming and all environments are AI generated. The character animations are made by myself as well apart from the knights which I borrowed from SFX I've been picking from various Free SFX sites like pixabay. Control the character with Key Arrows, use Z to attack, Z + DOWN for lower attack, SPACE for jump, Hold DOWN while jumping to jump on the enemies and also to use your special ability. Use X and C and V to buy towers when you have leveled up enough so that you can build towers.

Tower Defense 2D platformer

Modernistopia - Metroidvania like 2D platformer game

I built another Vanilla JavaScript game engine for creating metroidvania like games. This is a POC game I made that is fully playable from start to end. It's not super polished as a game, but it contains many vital features for these type of games. There is also an in game editor (press G button, then E or R to loop between content and WASD to move camera. + and - to zoom and * to restore) to 'easily' create new levels. Content can be added easily by dragging and dropping images to the image folder and I use PHP to grab all assets so you can build with them in the game. All art is AI generated except the main character spritesheet.

Modernistopia 2D platformer

Artopia - 2D platformer game

I used my same engine as for Modernistopia. I wanted to draw my own artstyle instead of using AI art, so this is just some test stage to see how it looked. Everything is made by myself here except sfx.

Artopia 2D platformer

Free Online Instrument Tuner

A small tuner where you can tune instruments using JavaScript/HTML/CSS

Online Instrument Tuner

Shoot the House - 3D Game

A 3D game test using UnityWebGL/Unity/C#/Blender. I was learning some 3D modelling in Blender and wanted to learn Unity 3D at the same time so this is the result POC project. In case the game gives "too many parameters error", remove the Unity Storage under Storage tab in your browser under Indexed DB. Play with mouse, arrows and space button.

3D Game Test

Chatt App

A chatt test for different channels using JavaScript/HTML/CSS/Firebase Realtime/Google Auth provider


Jam App for VästkustFolk

Fetching all tunes for my Spelmanslag in one place. Only displaying music files througout a net of folders. You can lower the speed of the tunes and search for specific tunes or select a random tune. JavaScript/HTML/CSS/PHP

Jam App

Note sheet writer

Some audio experiment with some tuner, recording, sheet music writer etc. It's still in progress. Using JavaScript/HTML/CSS

Note sheet writer

Voting poll for Arkitekturupproret

Testing out a poll creator tool where you can vote on different images by clicking on them. Using JavaScript/HTML/CSS/Firebase Realtime/Facebook Auth provider

Voting poll

Admin page

Standup Tool

Just an ugly tool to use during standup with a counter of 120 seconds and a random person will be selected. For people to keep the time. Using JavaScript

Standup tool

Monkey Island video page

Just a list of my Monkey Island videos for better SEO, hehe

Monkey Island covers

...and here are some basic test code for different stuff. Not really projects...

TensorFlowJS test

I wanted to learn a bit about tensorflow so I've made some tool that is supposed to see if you upload an apple or a pear or a banana. Although I don't have so much test data so it might not be 100% accurate always but it's a start

TensorFlow test

Pixel test

I wanted to learn a bit about manipulating pixels, kind of filter isch. Upload picture, put filters then you can download the result picture.

Pixel test

Sound test

I started creating my own "ABC notation language" for playing sounds

Sound test

Firebase Realtime multiplayer

A small test if Firebase Realtime DB would work for multiplayer game. This should be played on two separate browsers and hopefully while moving the "snake" with arrows, you will notice it moving in realtime on the other screen as well. Just a shitty test project.

Multiplayer test

Simple base template

A really simple responsive base template just to re-use when I need a quick UI with a nav bar and a hamburger menu and some items. JavaScript/HTML/CSS.

Base template

Recorder test

Just trying out JavaScript recording. I mainly stole these two examples online so they should not really be here. I keep them here for reference when I want to re-use the principle or something.

Recorder test

Recorder test with winamp bars

...and some older projects. They probably don't work properly anymore...

RPG Game prototype

Trying out an RPG game using JavaScript. The FPS is like 144 and should be 60. Don't remember what I was doing. There is an in-game editor and stuff if you press certain buttons which I don't remember. The first link is with my clay graphics and second one with open gameart sprites. FPS is fine in the clay game. Use arrow keys, space to attack and ctrl to shoot magic.

RPG game in clay

RPG game 32x32

Music uploader

This was for my old "spelmanslag" where I created this page for us so that we could just upload and remove recordings for common tunes. Using JavaScript/HTML/PHP. I have probably added some permission for uploading stuff which I don't remember.

Music uploader

Fika Tool

Just some simple fika script to decide who has fika this week

Fika tool

...and really old and crappy projects..

Space game

Just some experiment game with JavaScript canvas. My first game ever so code is crappy and I was learning JS for the first time.

Space game

Horror Movie Page

Just some experiment with AngularJS back in the days. AngularJS/JavaScript/HTML/CSS/Firebase Realtime.

Horror movie page

Big box Page

Just some experiment with AngularJS back in the days. AngularJS/JavaScript/HTML/CSS/Firebase Realtime.

Big box page

Folk videos Page

Just some experiment with AngularJS back in the days. AngularJS/JavaScript/HTML/CSS/Firebase Realtime.

Folk videos page